Gladys Barbosa


Life is all about balance. While this is a concept I may have learned on the yoga mat, it definitely comes in handy in the world of real estate! It’s a critical component in successfully negotiating a deal – keeping the various players in balance, balancing expectations, balancing personalities. The best transactions are of the “win-win” variety, where everyone walks away satisfied at the end of the day… a delicate balance to achieve indeed!

Hi, my name is Gladys Barbosa and I am a realtor, a mother, a teacher of yoga, a lover of good food & wine, an enthusiastic fan of ALL kinds of music, a (very!) eclectic antique collector, and fascinated with houses – the stories they tell, the stories they create. I am each of these things… and all of them balanced together.

I have lived on both coasts – from New York & Miami to the San Francisco Bay area – never straying too many miles from the lure of the ocean, sandy beaches, and the sound of the rolling waves. So, it should come as no surprise that I came to settle, and sell real estate, in the Ocean State. I mean – how perfect is that?

My career in real estate began in 2004 but is actually the culmination of 20+ years of marketing & PR experience – from the arenas of corporate banking to international yacht racing to community fundraising – all played out against a backdrop of buying & selling antiques. Throughout the years I also bought and sold houses – for myself to live in, for investment, and fell in love with the process. The thrill of the hunt, the art of the deal, the endless possibilities & potential each property posed… I was hooked!

So now I make my living buying & selling properties for you. While every deal is different, my approach remains the same. Always keep your eye on the end goal, never lose your sense of humor, treat others as you would want to be treated, and if you can keep it all in balance – absolutely anything is possible!

I look forward to meeting and working together with you on the sale or purchase of your next property… until then, Namaste!


I have had a long-term working relationship with Gladys Barbosa, in both the purchase and sale of properties in Warwick, Wakefield and Narragansett, Rhode Island. She is an outstanding real estate professional who is friendly, gregarious, intelligent, and always my go-to person when I am considering a real estate transaction. Gladys is extremely knowledgeable about the Rhode Island real estate market and, thus, always capable of steering me towards a successful outcome. In two real estate transactions this year, she cleverly positioned me in a way that I was the highest bidder on a short sale property by providing me with an option that I did not know was even available to me. In addition, when selling my home in order to purchase the short sale, she was able to give me simple suggestions for inexpensive staging and improvements that led to a quick sale. I was a very happy seller and buyer, within a very short period of time! If you are considering any type of real estate transaction, I would highly recommend that you work with Gladys Barbosa.

Judy Hurspak
Boston, MA

We wanted to send a quick note to tell you how wonderful Gladys Barbosa was to work with while we were looking for condos in Newport. Right from the start, she was energetic, followed up quickly on any questions we had, and was a pleasure to work with. We chose a townhouse that we loved almost immediately and put a bid on it, but for some reason (many reasons) the sale did not come together easily. We settled on a purchase price right away, but there were multiple problems with condo docs, the sellers travelling, the inspection, etc. Gladys pulled off this sale almost singlehandedly; I am sure without someone of her caliber, we or the sellers would have walked away from the deal-and we really loved this place. She spent a lot of time on her own searching documents, meeting with the sellers lawyer, being present for inspections - really advocating for us all the way. We were also very impressed with her knowledge base about real estate - my husband is a business/real estate lawyer in MA, so he really appreciated how knowledgeable she is. She has a lovely personality, both with us and all of the people we had to deal with, even when things got a little contentious. We are very newly into our townhouse, and love it just as much as we thought we would! I could go on and on, but will stop here - we just wanted you to know what a wonderful experience it was working with Gladys. I have already given her name to two of our friends who are thinking of looking in Newport for vacation homes.

Judy & Barry Scheer
Newport, RI

What a great job you did guiding me through the sale of my dear house. You gave me time and patience when I needed it and gentle nudging when I needed that. Everything went so smoothly that there was little stress and no regrets – thanks to you. You are just so good at what you do! Much gratitude.

1007 Boston Neck Road